NCLEX Review: Secrets To Crack-The-Code Of Your NCLEX-RN

How To Stop Risking NCLEX-RN® Failure And Your Registered Nurse Career With Ridiculously Vague NCLEX-RN Review Study Guides That Don’t Cover The REAL NCLEX Now.”

Before you lose more money on testing fees and NCLEX review books read this free report by 11 year NCLEX veteran and registered nurse. Revealed are techniques anyone can use to cut-through the mind-numbing overwhelm from hundreds of medications, ‘perfect world’ hospital nursing scenarios, confusing wording of actual NCLEX questions…and pass-the-NCLEX-RN. – If you’re stressed because you can’t afford to fail the NCLEX-RN this could be the most important test preparation advice you ever see…

NCLEX-RN friend,

Ever felt your NCLEX review guides might ‘fall short’ in helping you pass the NCLEX and ‘hold-on’ to your registered nursing career?

  • Have you realized you might be wasting weeks/months of time wallowing in your biggest NCLEX review obstacle and grueling reviewing, but NOT getting any closer to a passing score?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the VAST, ridiculously obscure information (that has nothing with what makes you a great nurse), but have to memorize and regurgitate on your upcoming testing date?
  • Are you having a tough time finding review for the NCLEX and practice tests that cover the REAL exam?
  • Are you faced with the chilling possibility of getting fired from your nursing career?…If unemployed or at half of what you could be making as a first year registered nurse salary will you be able to pay your current bills? If not, what could happen?
  • Do you need a ‘FOCUS’ to narrow-down the library of NCLEX review information you must learn so you can pass?
  • Are you a second nurse ‘out of college’ for decades? Do you wonder if you can memorize this incredibly HUGE amount of NCLEX-RN review content required by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)?
  • Are you sick and tired of burning a hole in your pocket paying hundreds (maybe thousands) in testing fees and NCLEX review study guides?
  • Does test anxiety threaten your future as a registered nurse because you blank-out and can’t think clearly through the fog of panic?
  • Are you struggling to find the time for NCLEX review with a full-time job and family?
  • Do you feel ‘slapped in the face’ with the fact you have to rush-through the most important test of your life and don’t have enough time to read and consider the questions BEFORE time runs-out?
  • Are you a foreign born registered nurse candidate struggling with the complex, confusing wording of test questions, regional and cultural differences reflected in your NCLEX-RN exam?
  • Have you tried to pass on your own, but aren’t getting the passing score you need to keep from getting ‘kicked-out’ of nursing forever?
  • Do you thrive on working with people, get the satisfaction and joy of helping them get well…and you don’t want to lose that gift forever?

It’s not your fault you must pass-the-NCLEX, but face these barriers ‘blocking you.’ It’s not your fault this exam can destroy the nursing career you worked so hard to achieve.

Why My NCLEX Review Failure Turned My Stomach Turned To Sick Knots…

You see, I found trying to pass-the-NCLEX-RN and SAVE my RN nursing career was like putting my face in a fan of razor blades. My life got completely ‘blindsided’ after I failed the NCLEX-RN® (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses) 3 times.

Losing my RN nursing career was a complete financial nightmare. I lost the $51,347 per year nurse salary I needed survive.

My name is David Dahlberg, registered nurse. You see, I didn’t have a million dollars in the bank to cushion my family through this brutal financial disaster.

I couldn’t afford to ‘go back to school’ for another 2-4 years to get a new “marketable” skill just to get a ‘mediocre job’ this terrible economy.

  Over 5 years of college education, $37,000 in student loan debt and years struggling and sacrifice to earn my registered nurse licensure flushed down the toilet.

It was worth nothing now.

  I lost my life-long ‘calling.’ My love for helping patients, passion for nursing and my ability to impact people’s lives was ripped out of my hands.

  Stolen from me was the fulfillment of seeing that ‘magic moment’ when your patients and their family truly appreciate the quality care you’re giving them.

  Haven’t you known…or at least heard of a registered nurse candidate who went through this horrific disaster because of haphazard NCLEX review guides and mediocre study methods?

NCLEX-RN Review Hype? Think Again.

An unemployed nursing school graduate in this economy can’t go across street and get another job. A college degree in nursing doesn’t really excite employers looking for the new job skills in business and high tech in this information age…

…At 37 years old I was already a dinosaur compared to the new college graduates they really wanted to hire.

  Not passing the NCLEX-RN in a reasonable amount of time and getting legally axed from the nursing profession meant there was no way to get employment as a nurse anywhere in the country.

It ripped my heart-out.

  Any other job wouldn’t pay a fraction of the salary and benefits of a registered nurse…Something my family and I desperately needed at this point.

Alarm strikes terror. Without the registered nurse salary needed to pay my student loans and other bills that mounted while I was completing my RN coursework… bills quickly went unpaid in ONLY 3 short weeks…

  …My family and I quickly lost our house, health insurance and car. My good credit was stolen and I was close to bankruptcy.

WARNING: About Retaking The
NCLEX-RN Multiple Times

You see, providing food and shelter for myself and family was a daily HAND-TO-MOUTH struggle and an extremely humiliating experience…

  • You can imagine my only immediate option was to put on a McDonald’s or other fast food uniform…just provide for my family. (Don’t let yourself get to this point.)
  • I had real worries about the state Child Protection Agency taking my kids because I couldn’t support them.

Hey, if you think this is hype you’re only fooling yourself…

…It happened to me! It also happens to thousands of highly qualified nurses who aren’t aware of the 7 most common NCLEX review pitfalls each testing date!

This rude scenario is much more common than you might imagine. It’s sad this phony test can wreck the lives of so many good registered nurse candidates.

Maybe you already went through the horror of losing your nursing career. Perhaps you’ve cried. Despite your best efforts you don’t know how to pass the NCLEX-RN.

The fingers across the chalkboard truth is: The NCLEX exam gets progressively WORSE each time you fail it and start reviewing-all-over again…

That Cause Nursing Career Failure…

To pass the NCLEX-RN test I tried:

  • NCLEX-RN review guides from and Barnes and Noble. (The information in the books were always different than the actual test. I couldn’t memorize hundreds of pages of facts and details.!)
  • I took a NCLEX review class. After burning through a tank of gas, spending several nights and all day weekend sessions, I found they just read ‘dry,’ boring handouts aloud to you. I still had to go home and start studying from scratch. (Total waste of time and money.)
  • I assumed if my NCLEX-RN review books fail me I could at least take the test a few times, figure-out what to review and then finally slay the dragon. WRONG!

Each time I took the NCLEX the questions were totally different. — That made reviewing for the NCLEX-RN more depressing each time I failed!

How I Finally STOPPED Mutilating My NCLEX-RN Score…And My Personal/Professional Life

After I got lost my chance to be a real registered nurse I felt completely defeated. My self-esteem was in the gutter.

Know the feeling?

I was ready to resign myself to a dim future as a NCLEX-RN victim. I faced living the rest of my life bitter, with crushed dreams and cynical about trying another way to pass.

  At this time I heard a former nursing college friend of mine passed the NCLEX.

  You can understand my curiosity in talking to her about how she passed. I felt a bit awkward approaching her because I got fired from nursing.

  When I finally got the courage to talk to this nurse, Elizabeth confessed she failed the NCLEX-RN 3 times before figuring-out the key to pass.

  She agreed to spend about 30 minutes after her family had dinner once a week to help give me some better strategies. Honestly, I was skeptical. I didn’t think anything could help me pass at this point.

I was skeptical.

Elizabeth said she would show me some short-cuts to pass she and 5 other nurse test takers in her NCLEX review group discovered…What they learned through the ‘school of hard knocks’ AFTER several failing attempts.

From Ugly Self-Sabotage To A Jaw Dropping ‘NCLEX Review Makeover’

Elizabeth showed me how to cut-through all the noise, rumors, gossip and test content OVERWHELM that are so common in NCLEX-RN preparation.

My mentor revealed previously UNKNOWN ‘deadly weapon’ techniques to strip, condense and crush the ‘mind-numbing’ NCLEX-RN review content into crumbs.

You can imagine once I peaked-behind-the-curtain’ and saw these POWERFUL self-defense strategies I gained immediate NCLEX-RN CONFIDENCE and competence. This positive expectation ‘lit a fire under my butt’ that kept me motivated…and out of the ‘dead rattle’ of procrastination

To my astonishment I quickly got a tsunami-like flood of FRESH, new tools to crack my biggest ‘road blocks’ to passing the NCLEX-RN!

How I Ended Being Haunted By The ‘Horror’ Of Being Thrown-Out Of My Registered Nursing Careen

I started thinking ‘outside the box.’ As a result I STOPPED punching air in vain.

That’s the day I stopped ‘banging my head against the wall’ and my blood stopped boiling. I stopped all the ‘death rattling’ beliefs and test prep methods that were driving me to life of misery…and possibly a homeless shelter.

I STOPPED pulling my hair-out and ‘running around in circles.’ I pole-vaulted myself out of the ‘victim box.’ You see, I finally stopped squandering weeks/months guessing what NCLEX review guides work and which ones will derail me to failure.

You can see I got consistent, measurable and rapid spikes in my NCLEX-RN score each day I used these ‘guarded tactics’ Elizabeth showed me.

It was incredible how these very minor tweaks were enough propel me to a passing NCLEX score in just 3 weeks. I finally got the breakthrough I needed. I passed-the-NCLEX-RN and reclaimed my nursing career.

I secured a new nursing job about 2 days after passing the NCLEX.

Why I Started Helping Other Nurses ‘frazzled’ About The Reality Of Losing Their RN Nursing CareerForever

You can imagine after my degrading ‘near death’, NCLEX-RN preparation and test taking experience I was compelled to help other nurses…

I made it my mission in life!

  Soon I started teaching these NCLEX review SECRETS to nurse candidates at my former university spooked about losing the only career they had ever loved.

  In the first year I taught these tactics to 7 nursing students at my former nursing college. I witnessed all of them finally tearing off their blindfold and make huge, ‘lightning fast’ improvements in just 3 days.

How I Refined-It-Down The MOST ‘PASSING-Powered’ NCLEX-RN Techniques…

You should know I refined this down to the most score exploding NCLEX- loopholes. I took out all the fluff and time wasting jabber to get a passing score in the least amount of time possible.

It’s NOT your fault you’re experiencing a major challenge reviewing for and taking the NCLEX-RN. — This exam is designed to clobber you.

However, you can use what thousands of RN nurse candidates used to pass-the-NCLEX-RN.

You too can leverage this EXCLUSIVE ‘sneak peak’ at your actual test and get out of the NCLEX-RN ‘quick sand’…

…You see, I want to share all these mind-blowing NCLEX-RN review techniques with you. You’ll be blown-away by how much SIMPLER and effective this method is than drowning yourself in more textbook like NCLEX review guides that do NOT cover genuine test questions.

Why Continuing ‘Blindfolded’ Is
FATAL To Your Nursing Career

You see, NOT knowing these ‘UNTOLD truths’ about NCLEX review were leading me to permanent ‘career crushing’ failure. I kept doing the exact same test preparation strategy over and over again and expected a different result. WRONG!

That’s just INSANITY!

If you already FAILED this exam you no doubt purchased one of the popular NCLEX-RN review study guides. You then reviewed it for weeks or even months. You felt you understood the material and could answer the NCLEX-RN Practice Questions

Then what happened?

On your testing day your ‘heart dropped.’ You stared in ‘pure horror’ at your exam. (It felt like you were looking into the barrel of a loaded shotgun.)

You were completely baffled to see the REAL NCLEX-RN is COMPLETELY different than your study guide books…Even though you invested weeks or months of your life in agonizing review!

How Procrastination And A False-Sense-Of-Confidence Can Lead To A ‘Financial Nightmare’ For NCLEX Test Takers

Imagine your worst NCLEX review ‘nightmare.’ …You know, the one you’ve been trying NOT to think about!

The silent ‘ticking time bomb’ you didn’t want to believe is real EXPLODES. Boom!

  In the settling dust and shrapnel of the wreckage you’re standing there. The time limit you’re given to pass the NCLEX-RN is over.

  You finally get your NCLEX score and see that you failed the exam for the last time. The window of opportunity you had to pass the NCLEX exam is expired.

Financial devastation rips through your life like wildfire. The financial crippling hurts you in the sorest spot, your kids.

Your Face Looks Like You Saw A Ghost…

You have a ‘frozen shock’ on your face. It’s like a deer looking into the headlights of an oncoming car.

Breaking this news to your spouse and kids who depend on you is enough to give you to break you.

You feel the tightness in your chest. It’s hard to take a breath it’s all happening so fast. What you never imagined possible is happening right before your eyes.

  Your nosy nursing school friends, neighbors and family ask you if you passed the NCLEX-RN and secured any nursing positions yet. You have to explain that even after years of college classes and a degree in nursing you got fired from the profession. The state nursing boards deem you ‘unqualified’ to serve real patients.

The shame is unbearable.

Suddenly you find your bank has frozen all your accounts due to negative balances. You’re in shock. The struggle to put a roof over your family’s head and ‘food on the table’ is enough to break you.

Ask Yourself This ‘Back-To-The-Future’ NCLEX-RN Review Question…To AVOID Getting Banned From Nursing Forever

Imagine if you failed the NCLEX-RN and already suffered this tragedy. Ask yourself this question:What could I have done differently that could’ve saved my RN nurse career?”…

…What’s ONE THING that could have averted total NCLEX-RN exam and career disaster?

  • STOP relying on a $27 NCLEX-RN review study guide written by a lowly paid corporate medical writer who also edits middle school science textbooks to help you pass the MOST important exam of your career.
  • Those authors NEVER took or passed the NCLEX-RN (or even served patients) so STOP depending on them to KEEP the registered nurse paycheck your you need to survive!
  • Use your paper NCLEX-RN review book as its intended PURPOSE…as a reference. — Don’t expect it to be your bible to a passing score and the SALVATION for the registered nursing career you put the best years of your life into.

6 More PROVEN NCLEX-RN Review Guide Strategies To Disarm The Ticking ‘Time Bomb’ On Your Nursing ‘Dream Career’…

  • Stop trying to pass this exam that determines your entire future by ‘trial and error”…STOP guessing what MIGHT appear on your actual NCLEX-RN…Can you afford to ‘guess wrong’ or rely on luck?
  • Break down the vast, overwhelming NCLEX-RN review content as fast as you can because it just multiples and will quickly avalanche you to failure.
  • Find-out the actual content and test questions that’ll show up on your NCLEX exam…and Get-A-FOCUS!. (You can’t expect to review everything, but the kitchen sink and expect to pass!)
  • Stop losing so much valuable time searching for NCLEX practice materials…Trust me. You need every precious hour you have left to review for your quickly approaching testing date. (Get the best NCLEX review materials available and start preparing today.) If not you’ll derail the RN career you’ve worked so hard for.
  • Don’t falsely believe the harder and longer hours you review the more likely you are to pass the NCLEX. (You need much more than brute effort.)
  • Failing to get the proprietary, ‘insider information’ from a real test taker who passed for the most important exam of your career…is fatal.

A ‘Brain Dead’ Simple Formula Over 51,000 Test Takers Used To Crack-The-Code Of The NCLEX-RN…

After my devastating experience and seeing so many excellent nurse candidates losing their ‘dream life’…just inches from passing I started a national NCLEX-RN tutoring service in 2001.

You see, over the last 7 years my team of nurses and I helped over 51,000 test takers pass the NCLEX-RN across the country in person, by phone, in my exclusive once per year live seminar and through the internet video training.

My NCLEX test preparation and test taking expertise comes from ‘real world,’ hands-on experience working with thousands of NCLEX-RN test taking clients my colleagues and I helped pass.

This ‘success system’ we developed to pass the NCLEX exam is NOT from theory. It’s NOT generic tips I pulled-out out of a cookie-cutter NCLEX-RN review book from Barnes and Noble.

You should know many of my clients probably had even bigger obstacles to passing the NCLEX-RN exam than you!

  • My NCLEX-RN ‘loopholes’ system has passed the scrutiny of many universities and colleges who have hired us. (That is, we’ve helped a lot of students who graduated from their department of nursing, but who kept failing the NCLEX-RN over and over again.)
  • You see, my NCLEX review ‘bag of tricks’ have passed the ‘skeptical eyes’ of thousands of career nurses who were moving from practical to registered nurse licensure.

Why This Legal, ETHICAL Cheat-Sheet NCLEX-RN Review Guide Works

These ‘UNTOLD’ techniques are proven MORE effective than tutoring and NCLEX review classes in getting my clients a passing score.

How’s that?

Because consuming more and more content with a tutor or test prep class instructor (who NEVER took your RN exam) doesn’t correlate to a passing NCLEX score.

These ‘almost forbidden’ (but 100% LEGAL) methods are documented 103% more effective than just using NCLEX-RN review study guides alone.

Why is that?

Because almost all review for the NCLEX guides currently sold in bookstores or are a mismatch to what you’ll see on your testing date.

A former test taker who survived this ‘brain crushing’ test preparation ordeal can better help you pass faster than an ivory tower PH.D. or a staff author from one of the big NCLEX-RN review study guide publishers (Something you probably already tried.)…

…Those authors never helped patients, haven’t taken a standardized test in over 20 years…or even passed your NCLEX exam! (How will they teach you how to pass?)

FACT: 91% of my clients pass-the-NCLEX-RN after watching this straight-forward course and exposing this previously forbidden formula.

Its A Shame NOT To Pass Your NCLEX-RN Exam When
Our Test Takers Do It So Easily…..

How I Aced My NCLEX-RN With A Dumb Idea”

NCLEX exam review “Your NCLEX-RN review videos gave me the ‘heads-up’ in my weak areas. Your covered what I saw on the real exam..”

“Friends in my nursing program thought it was dumb not to do all the things everyone does to study for the NCLEX-RN exam. (About half of them failed.) You gave me a recipe to follow which made everything stress free, allowed me to finally stop worrying about the test and just pass.”

-Dave Johnson,
Passed the NCLEX-RN

“They Laughed At Me When I Said I Want To Pass The NCLEX-RN My First Time”

NCLEX-rn exam review …”But when I got my passing NCLEX-RN score…… you can guess their reaction. Your success formula helped me “out think” the traps on an exam where almost anything is ‘fair game’.
You gave me the confidence I needed to pass.”

-Sandy Barnes,
Passed the NCLEX-RN

“Where Else Am I Going To Get These SECRETS To Clobber The NCLEX-RN?”

NCLEX exam review class “I found your NCLEX review materials, fresh and updated. I’m glad someone can make new updates for exam changes!”

“I never thought these techniques would make much difference. A lot registered nurse candidates are like me. They’re still using the test taking and study habits they developed years ago which are obsolete for an exam like the NCLEX-RN. Once I got into real NCLEX review I found there are a lot of things to know that nobody else has courage to tell you. Who else am I going to get this help. I’m glad I found this it made a big difference for me!”

-Nick Ugette,
Passed The NCLEX-RN exam

“I Was Running-Out Of Time”

NCLEX “I was ready for a NCLEX review program that would get me results and save my nursing career that was quickly disappearing. I was only 3 weeks from permanently giving up on nursing and passing the NCLEX. I wanted to get respect from co-workers who passed the NCLEX-RN. Many of my so called “nursing school friends” acted as though if I am sub-human because I failed a few times.”

“Each time I took the NCLEX missed passing by a few points. I was running out of time and needed all the help I could get. Thanks to helping me breakdown the vague, overwhelming review content. I definitely got focused on the bona fide NCLEX review content and you boosted me up to the passing-zone in only 3 weeks!”

-Alice Faye Toler,
Passed the NCLEX-RN

NCLEX review course “Grew To Appreciate Your NCLEX-RN Review HD Video Training”

“I have been practical nurse for 21 years, but wanted to improve my life and financial situation by getting my RN. Nursing is my calling and I was born to be a nurse. I really needed to pass so I could focus on my nursing career and not trying to find schemes to pass the NCLEX. I value being able to succeed, even if I have to pay extra to do so!!”

“At first I didn’t believe your short-cuts to a faster and easier passing score was for me. I’m more of a ‘do-it-yourselfer’/self-study, but critical questions about the test content came up. I even decided to try your program because I ended up having lots of NCLEX review help questions. I wanted to make a real plan vs. just winging it. This exam which my entire career depended on made it worth it. It found it was so convenient to get everything I need through watching your videos after my kids went to bed. I needed to solve my biggest barrier to passing the NCLEX-RN which is test anxiety and just being a bad test taker. Thanks for gently showing me how to pass.”

-Mrs. Julie F. Magday,
Passed the NCLEX-RN

NCLEX review courses “Saved Me From Losing The Nursing Career I Invested 6 Years Of My Life To Including College Tuition”

“I needed to create a better future for myself by becoming a registered nurse. I went back to school during evenings while working full-time and it took me 6 years to finish my nursing classes. After graduating 3 years ago was getting very frustrated by the NCLEX review because I failed it 9 times. I almost gave up on nursing.” ”

“Every NCLEX-RN review study guide I tried was misleading and doesn’t reflect the real test (what I finally figured-out after failing). I can’t afford to lose another 3-6 months of my life trying to pass all over again. I realized I needed to try something new and take a chance so I tried your NCLEX-RN secrets on video.”

“In just 3 short weeks you helped me narrow-down all the bewildering review for the NCLEX so I only focused on studying what is on the real exam. I did that and finally passed. Thanks for all the guidance and making everything so crystal-clear!”

-Kellie Brown Grider,
Passed the NCLEX-RN

NCLEX-RN review class “I Only Wish It Had Been The First NCLEX-RN Review Help I Got”

“I moved from job to job, and finally have settled on nursing. My reason to pass the NCLEX is for 3 purposes: 1.) I really want a ‘career’ not a job, 2.) it’s important to find something you really like to do (work with people/help people/make a difference) and 3.) I needed to pass this test to get secure employment.”

“Your NCLEX exam review videos showed me how find the time to study I didn’t know I had with a full-time job and kids. Also, I got a lot of help speeding-up during the test since I kept failing because I’m a slow reader and could never finish the exam in the short time allowed. I only wish it would have been the first study guide I got as I would have needed to look no further!”

-Sonya Shearer,
Passed the NCLEX-RN

NCLEX-RN review classes “I Am Ready To Fulfill My Dream Of Being A Registered Nurse”

“I had to pass the NCLEX-RN in order to get my first job as a nurse. You know this assessment doesn’t reflect your nursing ability. But regardless I needed to pass to get a nursing job I’ve worked so hard for up until this point. I wanted to get married and buy a house, but really couldn’t do it by working a different job.”

“I was so sick of the cycle of failing my test. I tried everything, I mean everything before I used your NCLEX review method. I was so scared I was going to ruin the years of college and $24,000 I had in student loans just to get through school by failing again and getting banned from my dream of being a registered nurse. I had to do some review for the NCLEX, but your step-by-step method of blasting away my test prep blind spots helped me pass! How can I get on your research team and help other nurses now?

-Luis Norris Vega Vega,
Passed the NCLEX-RN

NCLEX review course “Laziest Test Taker Alive”

As a second career nurse candidate I found my needs were not served in the common NCLEX review books that don’t come close to the real NCLEX-RN exam. None of the other programs like test prep classes cater to my needs in passing the NCLEX. I found your crash course saved me a lot of time and money. I didn’t have to run around like chicken with my head cut off figuring out how to pass. I used a lot of your distinctions and insights to pass my NCLEX-RN.”

-Raquel Misterek,
Passed the NCLEX-RN

nclex-rn review courses “Absolutely Terrified Of The NCLEX-RN”

“I’d get a sinking butterfly feeling every time I thought about this exam. I didn’t study correctly on my first try. But then I didn’t know what to review with all the NCLEX preparation gossip and lies out there. You showed me effective ways to cut down my test taking anxiety that was destroying my test score each time and nursing career. You showed me how to focus on passing rather than allow my fear to consume me. Due to your clear cut instructions and easy viewing of your videos you gave me the guidance I needed to pass. Thank you!”

-Maureen Blankenship,
Passed the NCLEX-RN exam

how to pass the NCLEX review “A Realistic Tool Box To Disarm The NCLEX-RN And Hang On To My Nursing Career”

“You helped solve some of my biggest barriers blocking me from passing including the high testing fees, being overwhelmed by the huge amount of content I needed to memorize and find review books for the NCLEX-RN that covered the exam.”

“Your NCLEX-RN deadly weapons as you call them are realistic and powerful. I was able to discover where my weak areas really were (not exactly what I imagined) and take simple steps to propel myself to a passing NCLEX score.”

-Timothy Yarbrough,
Passed the NCLEX-RN

pass the nclex review “How ‘Apply’ The Info. To Real NCLEX Questions”

“I was able to finish each section with time left over because I had the knowledge organized in my head with the confidence of studying through your guidance and leadership. Your system focused on how to manipulate the test to extract the correct answer even when you aren’t totally sure. A test taker’s content knowledge is totally worthless if you don’t know the method to apply it on your NCLEX exam questions. It’ nice to exploit the test’s weaknesses rather than just be another NCLEX-RN review victim.”

-Katie J. Garana,
Passed The NCLEX-RN

review for NCLEX “Got Me Organized Before It Was Too Late”

“I felt your suggestions, summaries and outlines were very helpful in getting me organized to pass my NCLEX-RN. I highly recommend this as a tool. The fast track technique to pass the NCLEX makes everything less stressful. You shoed me to make the most out of the little time I had to pass (Only 2 weeks!). Thanks again for the video secrets.”

-Paul Ornstein,
-Erica Coffield,
Passed the NCLEX-RN

How To Finally Get Revenge On

You can finally crack your biggest barrier to passing the NCLEX-RN and ‘hanging-on’ to your nursing passion!

Allow me to “part the curtains” and show you how to stab the NCLEX-RN in its weakest parts. — I know it’ll help you SAVE major time, hair-yanking frustration and make you pass-the-NCLEX faster than you ever thought possible.

You see, after working with so many clients one-on-one you can imagine it doesn’t take rocket science to document what tricks really yield a passing NCLEX-RN score.

You would be shocked at how ‘brain dead’ simple most of these techniques are, but if not used cause NCLEX-RN failure….

…Even more, I reveal the most common NCLEX-RN review mistakes I have discovered that lead to chronic NCLEX-RN failure…What you MUST to stir-clear of IF you want to pass!

My team and I spent over 4 months EXTRACTING the MOST effective test point-gobbling tactics we learned over nearly 7 years working with over 51,000 NCLEX-RN test takers. I then chiseled-down all the BEST techniques so you pass-the-NCLEX faster and easier than you thought possible.

After, we organized them into easy-to-follow, step-by-step training modules. In fact, it’s so ‘fool-proof‘ anyone can follow the steps and pass the NCLEX-RN.

You see my RN nurse colleagues and I then recorded all these LEGAL, ethical NCLEX review ‘cheat-sheet’ lessons over 11 days at studio in New York in crisp, vivid HD color and high quality sound.

All you need to do is watch these fast-track videos in the convenience of your own home (and on your own schedule).

You get your training videos sent to your email box so you don’t have to deal with logging into a website. You just click on the link in your the email and watch each video on your computer. You can even keep the videos on your computer so you can watch them again later…

…Then sling-shot yourself back to a life-time of registered nurse career security!

This method could be your ticket to keeping a ‘tight grip’ on your love for helping patients and nurse salary your family depends on.

My “NCLEX-RN Loopholes Tube ‘10 Minute Trainer’ Legal, ETHICAL Cheat-Sheet” HD Video Course” is a fun, fast-and-easy “crash course” to NCLEX-RN success. You get this ‘insider’ information 100% Updated for the NEWEST version of your NCLEX-exam.

I ‘hold NOTHING back’ from you. You get an X-Ray-like view of your actual NCLEX-RN exam content (in advance) that’ll make you salivate, but give you success. I truly ‘spill-the-beans’ so you can BLAST-THROUGH your biggest road blocks…before it’s too late!

You’ll see it’s the straightest-line between point A and point B to pass-the-NCLEX- and re-secure your nursing career.

When you grab this you can STOP being SCARED about how you’re going to pass the NCLEX. You can stop losing sleep about how you’re going to pay the bills and student loans if you lose your nursing career. …

…That is, if you’re willing to do what it takes to AVOID chronic NCLEX-RN failure…and seize this opportunity.

Here’s What You Get INSTANTLY When You Sign-Up For My “NCLEX-RN Loopholes Tube 10 Minute Trainer”…

  • The BIG MISTAKE you’re making NOW in your NCLEX-RN review that’ll RUIN your chances of passing forever — and exactly what YOU MUST do instead to strip the VAST amount of NCLEX-RN content you’re required to know down-to-size and FINALLY get a FOCUS!…And it’s much easier than you think.
  • Get ‘INSTANT relief’ from your biggest points of nagging NCLEX stress and aggravation. (You know the ones destroying your health, wealth and could even put a strain on your marriage or relationships with the people you care about.)
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