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FREE Video Reveals The #1 Secret To Pass-The-NCLEX-RN And Resecure The Registered Nursing Career You Love
FREE Video Reveals The #1
Secret To Pass-The-NCLEX-RN And Resecure The Registered Nursing Career You Love

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About David Dahlberg and Praxis Loopholes Tube

PraxisLoopholesTube.com was created to help Praxis test takers pass their exam and realize their dream and passion of teaching young minds and making a difference. The chairpersons and operators of this website are involved in the mission to promote teacher development and teacher certification in the United States.

Praxis Loopholes Tube was developed after the founder David Dahlberg became tired of al the e-books, flimsy paper study guides and hair-pulling frustration with overwhelming ‘information overload’ from test preparation materials. Dahlson discovered the popular and widely used Praxis II study guide books on the market never didn’t accurately reflect the REAL Praxis II test.

Educational professionals at Praxis Loopholes Tube decided the best way to train Praxis I and Praxis II test takers to pass was to not to create yet another textbook and ball and chain test preparation program like all the others widely available.

If Praxis test takers needed another study guide they could find that anywhere. That’s the biggest barrier to passing. There are so many study guides for the Praxis with erroneous practice tests and content that doesn’t help anyone pass. If all you needed was another Praxis test study guide you would have got it yesterday and passed.

87% of Praxis test takers have a ‘missing link’ or gap in their current preparation routine that keeps them from a passing score. Praxis Loopholes Tube reveals these secrets step-by-step in a fun and multi-media format. This proprietary test prep formula allows member clients to pass in the easiest and fastest way possible, re-secure the love of working with young people and passion for teaching afforded through earning a their state teacher certification.