Instructions: “NCLEX-RN Loopholes Tube 10 Minute Trainer”

Read This #1: Your introduction video is below. Your first official NCLEX Loopholes Tube lesson will arrive tomorrow by email.

Read This #2: As clearly stated in the product description “This is NOT a shipped product” and “This is NOT a download.” — Watch the introduction video below. Tomorrow you will get your first official module of the “NCLEX Loopholes Tube 10 Minute Trainer” by email. Then every 2-3 days you’ll get a new NCLEX training video sent to the email address you gave on the order form.

1.) Just open your email and click on the link inside your email to watch each video.

2.) If you do not get the first email with a link to the video in 24 hours contact client services per the information below. You get it resent to you in 24 hours or less.

If You need a receipt please print this page! It explains the billing and terms of service.

NCLEX Loopholes Tube
138 West 7th Street
New York, NY 87382
All Client Member Services Support Is By Email Only.
(This is NOT a mailing address.)
Mail sent to this address will not be processed.

  • This is a 6 week NCLEX video training course. NOTE: If your NCLEX-RN exam is sooner you can get all “NCLEX Loopholestube 10 Minute Trainer” right now. If you choose this option your 7 day trial will end, you’ll pay the one-time access fee of $47 now and get the link to all the videos in 24 hours or less.
  • You should watch all the videos to guarantee you pass-the-NCLEX!
  • You’ll receive a new “NCLEX 10 Minute Trainer” video about every 3 days by email over the next 6 weeks that reveal the ‘EXACT techniques,’ tactics, strategies and methods you need to pass-the-NCLEX test and live your passion as a teacher.

How You Get Each NCLEX Training Video

1.) All NCLEX training videos are sent to your email address you used on the sign-up form. In each email you will be provided a link to click so you can easily access each video.

2.) NCLEX training videos are sent to you automatically to by email software at specified intervals. (This is NOT a download.) You watch the videos by a link sent to your email address. During your membership can watch each video over and over again or keep for future reference.

How To Avoid Problems Receiving Your Videos By Email

3.) PLEASE NOTE: Email does not work perfectly. Sometimes email services like gmail, Yahoo! and others have their own spam blockers and automatically block emails from even going to your spam box. If you run into problems receiving your videos please contact me or my professional staff at, so we can fix the problem immediately for you.

A.) Attention: You should “white list” your email account so your email service doesn’t accidentally flag these emails as spam and block you from getting them. You can add to a “white list” in the administrative area of your email account.

B.) No staff members at Loopholes Tube will be registering with your email address or jumping through hoops in order to get permission to get through difficult email spam filters you may have set in your email account that automatically block all emails from unknown senders. Therefore, be sure to remove spam filters that will reject emails sent from unknown senders so you can get the videos in this NCLEX-RN video training.

4.) As you know from the product description this is NOT not a physical product. (Nothing is shipped to you in the mail.) You won’t be charged for shipping or have to wait to receive something.

5.) 7 Day Trial:

A.) If you don’t think the strategies revealed in the NCLEX training videos will help you pass-the-NCLEX test you can cancel it hassle-free before day #8 in your $1 trial. After 7 days your form of payment will be charged.

B.) Since you’re given a one dollar, 7 day trial period and the first few videos in the “NCLEX Loopholes Tube 10 Minute Trainer” there are no refunds after the 7 day trial.

6.) FREE Bonus Gift: As you know your “NCLEX Loopholes Tube 10 Minute Trainer” video course includes “UNLIMITED NCLEX Consulting, Tutoring and Mentoring” by a highly experienced and professionally trained NCLEX test preparation and test taking expert we have “in house” on staff 7 days per week.

A.) NOTE: This FREE bonus gift becomes active immediately 7 days AFTER you order. Providing you with high caliber NCLEX test preparation professionals and a NCLEX ‘Personal Trainer’ is expensive to our company. Therefore, this service only becomes active AFTER the 7 day window allowed for refunds.

B.) Watch your email box on day #8 for the contact information for your own NCLEX ‘Personal Trainer’ that’ll consult, advise and tutor you until you pass-the-NCLEX.

6.) How Does NCLEX Consulting, Tutoring and Mentoring Work?

A.) You know there aren’t any former certified nurses/former NCLEX test takers offering NCLEX tutoring services like this. (EXCEPT Here.) This is the ONLY place you can access this type of help to pass the NCLEX exam.

B.) Anytime you have questions about NCLEX content, practice questions or any other help to pass your NCLEX exam my professionally trained NCLEX tutors are here to help you. In fact, you get answers to your questions in 24 hours or less.

C.) If you have any other specific NCLEX test preparation and test taking advice my highly experienced NCLEX consultants and mentors will help you one-one-one until you pass.

D.) 7 days after signing-up you’ll receive an email with the name and contact information for you personal NCLEX ‘Personal Trainer’ you can contact for questions, tutoring and customized help 7 days per week. That is, in the comfort of your own home and on your schedule.

7.) Below is the introduction video to your “NCLEX Loopholes Tube 10 Minute Trainer” Video Course

How To Get The Most Out Of NCLEX Loopholes Tube (so you pass-the-NCLEX test)

Click On The Video Below To See It: